How To Replace A Pool Cue Tip Ferrule?

How To Replace A Pool Cue Tip Ferrule

In this blog post, I have thoroughly explained how to replace a pool cue tip ferrule. Moreover, I have also told my suggestions regarding changing the cue tip ferrule. Read the article till the end to know the process correctly.

What Is Ferrule?

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How To Replace A Pool Cue Tip Ferrule?

Pool players will often explain that the tip and ferrule of a cue are where most of its playability is. The thin white piece at the top of your shaft, known as the ferrule, is positioned below your tip.

The ferrule is the shock absorber of your pool cue in its most basic form when it comes down to it. Like a automobiles’ shock absorber, the ferrule adds an extra level of control to your pool cue in much the same way it does for automobiles.

This implies that energy travels smoothly through the cue via this area. You can imagine how important it would be if you chipped or damaged your ferrule and could not use it effectively or control it any longer.

Linen fiber, Ivorine III, and Aegis ferrules are all common materials use in modern cue ferrule. If you purchase a bespoke cue from a store, you’re more inclined to receive ivory ferrules, which provide the best feel. Many cue manufacturers have switched away from using ivory and toward Aegis and Ivorene because of their popularity.

It’s critical to determine which ferrule is best for you based on how you wish to play. If you want a cue with more feel and resonance, ivory or synthetic ivory (like Ivorine or Aegis) is most likely your best option. It’s also feasible to obtain a ferrule that doesn’t vibrate as much. Linen fiber ferrules are typically the finest choice if you want one that does.

How To Clean Ferrule?

Keeping your brass cue ferrule clean is a straightforward process. There are several cleaning techniques, including 0000 steel wool, micromesh paper, 3000 grit paper, Brasso, duroglit, and others.

The essential thing to remember is to avoid injuring the shaft and any cleaning solution on the tip!

I’ve picked a few unclean and ancient ferrules as examples of how to clean and restore them quickly. There are many alternatives, but they may at the very least serve as a basis for further research when looking for your favorite technique.

How To Replace A Pool Cue Tip Ferrule?

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How To Replace A Pool Cue Tip Ferrule?

Before you begin, bear in mind that while changing a pool cue ferrule, it is possible to inflict damage to the pool cue due to your actions. A damaged shaft may need the replacement of the complete shaft. This might cost you several hundred dollars or perhaps thousands of dollars, depending on what you possess. An expert would most likely charge you roughly $30 to repair the ferrule on your bicycle.

Even though it is easy to change a tip ferrule on your own, you should ensure a thorough grasp of the procedures involved.

Let’s start by gathering the supplies you’ll need to complete your project:

  • A lathe
  • A ferrule
  • A pair of pliers
  • Glue

We recommend that you get a bulk box of replacement pool cue ferrules with tips similar to the ones below. Having a large supply on hand is convenient when you need to change your ferrule in a hurry.

The Procedure Of Changing A Pool Cue Tip Ferrule

If you find that the side of your pool cue is splitting and that the tenon is situated directly through the center of the splitting, it’s time to replace the ferrule. The following are the procedures to be followed:

  • It’s time to replace your car’s ferrule. You should be able to discover something that looks similar to what you currently have if you follow the guidelines listed above. Ferrules aren’t readily available in shops.
  • If you don’t, your tenon will not be flush with the ferrule and the threads on the new one won’t match up. So pay attention to how thick your tenon is, as well as if it has threads or not. If your shaft has ground down considerably over time, this may be difficult to find anything that fits properly. You could talk to an expert or utilize your own judgment here. This is what you should do in order to avoid this problem.
  • The ferrule may remove from the pipe with a lathe or pliers. Start squeezing your split apart as soon as you start on the other side. It should eventually come free of the rest of the pool cue’s components by moving it around. Extreme caution should exercise while performing this operation.
  • You do not want to tamper with your wooden tenon in any manner. You could incur a lot of expenses as a result of the harm you caused. Keep in mind that over twisting can completely remove the tenon.
  • When you’ve removed the ferrule, use epoxy to glue on the new one to the bowl’s rim. The next step is to decrease the lathe’s speed. These natural alternatives, such as the one we discussed previously, do not require a lathe. All you need is some glue and a hammer, as well as some elbow sweat, like the one we discussed previously.
  • For individuals that want to go above and above, a ferrule turning machine might be beneficial. Spin it until it reaches the desired diameter, then cease.

These measures should be carried out with the most significant amount of caution to emphasize this point. Take your time, especially when you reach the point where you have to turn.


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How To Replace A Pool Cue Tip Ferrule?

To sum up the process of changing the ferrule, It’s a pretty straightforward process if you want to do it yourself. But remember, if you are going to try this on your expensive pool cue, I would recommend changing the ferrule from the expert, a $30 expert fee would be a lot better than ruining your expensive pool stick.

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