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Me, Shmulik Dorinbaum in the play zone

After so many years in an amateur snooker and pool game, I decided I was starting to buy a little more beautiful and a little more professional cues, even if my game is not that professional, I still wanted to be on the best way to be more professional in snooker.

So I opened this site, I think it will give you a lot of value to find you the right stick according to your needs, all you have to do is choose the category that suits you best in the top menu, and you can start playing with your new stick.

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  • How To Replace A Pool Cue Tip Ferrule?

    How To Replace A Pool Cue Tip Ferrule?

    In this blog post, I have thoroughly explained how to replace a pool cue tip ferrule. Moreover, I have also told my suggestions regarding changing the cue tip ferrule. Read the article till the end to know the process correctly. What Is Ferrule? Pool players will often explain that the tip and ferrule of a […]

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  • How To Hit Pool Ball? – Beginners Guide

    How To Hit Pool Ball? – Beginners Guide

    The pool is a popular pastime all around the world. Everyone can enjoy the game, from casual weekend players to professional athletes who travel the globe to compete at the highest levels. However, no matter where you are in your learning curve, you must begin somewhere. And that necessitates getting up to speed on the […]

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  • Mike Sigel Net Worth

    Mike Sigel Net Worth

    Mike Sigel’s professional career began in 1970 when he participated in an All-Around Tournament with the help of some of the greatest players of his era, such as Joe Balsis, Steve Mizerakhas, and others. Mike Sigel won his first major tournament at the U.S. Open Nine-ball Championship in 1975. The American has a professional pool […]

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