How to Remove a Pool Table From Home (7 Easy Steps)

Do you know how to remove a pool table from your home? If not, the article below is for you. If you have a pool table in your home and are planning to move to a new house, room, or city and don’t want to leave it behind, you may wonder how you will disassemble it for easier transportation.



Well, removing your pool table is easier than you thought. With the right tools and knowledge, you can do it yourself.

Below are steps on how to remove a pool table from your home. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Detach the Pockets From the Pool Table

The pockets are often attached to the table by staples or bolts. Remove the staples with either a flathead screwdriver or staple remover where else, the bolts can be removed power drill or socket wrench.



Remove the staples and bolts from under the pool table to ease the process. Remember to wear goggles to protect your eyes from staples.

Step 2: Remove the Rails

Remove the rails by gently lifting them upwards. You can also flip them toward the center of the pool table with someone’s help. Finally, pull the two rails apart. Handle the rails in a gentle manner to avoid bashing them.

Ensure to store them in a secure place when moving the package.

Step 3: Detach the Felt

The felt is often either stapled or glued to the wood supporting the slate. If the slate is stapled, remove it with a flathead screwdriver or staple remover. If the felt is glued, carefully pull the felt’s edge backward. Once you remove the felt, fold it carefully, avoiding folding the fold lines to prevent creases and wrinkles.

If the felt is worn out, you can install a new one when assembling your pool table

Step 4: Remove the Slate Screws

The slate screws are usually at the pool table’s corners or along the beam’s sides and center. Use a drill to remove them. If you find beeswax on top of the screws, scrape it carefully using a screwdriver head to avoid scratching the slate, and then pack them in a secure place.

Step 5: Lift the Slates

Most pool tables have playing surfaces made of three slate slabs, and they can be heavy, each weighing around 120kgs, so it’s good you get help from someone when moving them. Gently lift the slates off your pool table’s frame.

Note that a minor scratch on the slate could ruin the pool table, which could amount to expensive replacements of the three slates.

Step 6: Flip the Pool Table and Remove the Legs

Flip the table frame; however, you still need a little help from a friend. Since the pool table legs are still intact, you can remove them using a socket wrench or power drill. You can also detach them by gently pulling them upwards.

Step 7: Pack the Parts of Your Pool Table Safely

Now that you have removed the parts of your pool table, it’s ready for movement. Remember, the slate tabletop is fragile, so it does not need much crowding. You may need a truck or a large van to move the pool table.

To avoid any chances of the slate getting damaged, wrap it in plastic sheeting or a soft blanket. Additionally, you can also use furniture straps to hold the slate in place when in the truck or van. 

Ensure to secure the legs, rails, and frame by holding them in place with furniture straps. Secure the felts by sealing them in a plastic bag to protect them from moisture. 

To avoid the hassle and fasten the process of removing your pool table from home, you can get a professional pool table removal service.

Final Words

Removing a pool table from home is very easy, as you can see from the above article, provided you have the right tools and some help moving the parts; otherwise, you don’t have to hire professionals for such a simple task.

Now that you know how to remove a pool table from home, hope when you decide to move next time, the process will be much easier. 

Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

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