How Long Is A Pool Stick?

how long is a pool stick

How long is a pool stick? The perfect pool stick for you is between 55-58 inches long. That’s what most professional eight-ball players prefer, and it has a size of 1 inch or just under that will fit nicely in your hand while still giving enough leverage when shooting games with this type of equipment! You can decide on whether to go with lighter weight shafts (for quicker shots) as well butt length – either shorter but more solid feeling against the shoulder blades at impact point; Or longer smoother rides so they glide through each shot without much effort.

The Types Of Pool Sticks

  • Cue Ball Use

Cue ball use is typically used for making shots in a standard pool. When you hit the cue ball with a stick or hand, it causes the ball to fly out of the pool and into play. This type of shot is often called “the putter,” and it’s one of the most common in the professional pool.

  • Slider Use

Slider use is often used to make shots in a pool game. When you tilt the stick back and forth, it makes a “slider” sound. This type of stick is often used to make shots in a pool game. When you tilt the stick back and forth, it makes a “slider” sound. This type of stick is often used to make shots that go through the water

  • Standard Pool Stick

This is the most common type of pool stick and is used for most standard pool games. It’s short and thick, making it easy to handle.

  • Shoe 

Somepoolsticks have a hole in the center of them so you can place your cue ball inside them. Otherpoolsticks have no hole, so you have to place your cue ball outside the stick.

How To Use A Pool Stick

The most important thing to remember when using a pool stick is to be gentle. You don’t want to damage the stick or your pool game equipment. To use a pool stick, hold it by its long central shaft and then place your hand on top of the ball. With your other hand, you’ll need to push and pull the ball in a downwards direction.

how long is a pool stick

What Is The Correct Pool Stick Size For My Pool Table?

  • 57-Inch Pool Stick

If you’re looking for the perfect pool cue, one that is 57 inches long and can fit your needs as an adult player perfectly then this is it! With enough space in both lengthwise branches of the shafts so they don’t restrict movement while playing with power shots or having a full stretch outstretched left arm comfortably on top; plus right hand has plenty of recoil room when needed-the Full-Size Pool Cues will take all comers.

  • 48-Inch Pool stick

When it comes to pool tables, the 48-inch cue is a great compromise. It’s long enough for adults and children alike so you can have an accurate shot without worrying about whether or not your opponent will be able to reach the ball before playing their turn back at ya!

  • 36-Inch Pool Stick

When it comes to a training weapon, the shorter you can make your cue the better. The 36-inch size is great for children and offers an easy grip so they’re not struggling in order to maneuver around on their own two feet!

The cues are the most important pieces of billiards equipment. They allow you to control where your shots go, and how hard they hit with perfect precision!

Tips On Choosing The Right Pool Stick

  • Size And Length

The most popular pool stick length is 58 inches and works mostly for people between 5’0-5’8. People taller can still use 58″ inch pool cues though.

  • Pool Stick Weight

The most common pool cue weights about 19- 20 ounces. Although I would suggest starting off with a lightweight, such as 16 or 17 ounces for beginners so they can get used to playing before making an adjustment if necessary later on down the line! The range goes from 13-21 lbs., but these may be too heavy depending upon your strength level & style preferences–plus it’ll make sure you don’t damage any bodies in case someone overpowers yours during practice sessions.

  • Brand

There are many pool brands out there that you can choose from, but we recommend starting with one of these well-established and popular ones. They have been around for a while; they’re trusted manufacturers who make quality products! The brand can be grouped into three categories:

  1. Beginner 
  2. Intermediate 
  3. Advanced 
  • The Cost

Trust you have a budget! A decent pool stick will range from $90 and $130. If you’re a beginner, I suggest sticking within this price range for an instrument that’ll help with learning the game of pocket billiards. Otherwise, if it’s an advanced player who wants only top-of-the-line gear or someone looking into training their skills further than they already are then by all means go ahead but know what to expect from them before making such decisions.

  • Preference

Your preference involves whether you want your pool stick Hard, soft, or medium.

Hard-tipped Rods are the way to go for players who want more control over their shots. These rods have a nice balance between stability and flexibility, which means that they can still provide you with English if needed while also allowing some spin on mid-range hits or backend blocks alike! Hard tips work best when playing without any kind of brush so avoid those altogether unless what we’re getting is actually called “break” stick material instead since these types tend to come pre-fitted into handle designs rather than having individual handles per brand.


The difference between a good shot and an excellent one is often just in the position of your hands. If you’re having trouble getting the perfect grip, then it’s time for some alterations!

Make sure there are no gaps between where something meets its tip (like wood) so that balls don’t get stuck inside when shots come Fetched by cleaners or other equipment;  – Align proper corners if needed before putting tips back on pool cue sticks after sharpening them up again because this will reduce friction against surfaces making shooting easier while still giving a similar performance as before Hoising.

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