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As a billiards or pool player, you have probably acquired plenty of skills and techniques to call yourself a pro–or, at least, an intermediate player. Either way, once you outgrow beginner status, it is time to upgrade your equipment.

It is true when they say that you are as good as your equipment, especially when it comes to pool cues. Believe it or not, your cue influences the kind of strike, its power, and overall control.

When you want to be as good as the pros, you should invest in a high-quality pool cue. Below, you can find a list of the eight best pool cues for professionals and people seeking to be as good as the experts.

How to Choose the Best Pool Cue

There are several things to consider when looking for a professional-grade pool cue. If you are an experienced player, you probably already know what to look for. However, if you are still in the training process and want to find equipment to grow into, consider the following:

Overall Size: One of the overarching factors that determine the level of control and power you have while playing is the cue’s size. When considering the size, you would want to consider the length and weight. Average pool cues weigh between 18 and 21 ounces. Meanwhile, the average cue stretches between 57 and 59 inches. More experienced players know the kind of weight they can handle. If you don’t know what size to go for, then take some time with another pool cue before investing.

Material: The materials used for the cues determines what kind of shot gets produced. When the material is harder, then a more forceful shot gets produced. The most common quality materials are ash and maple wood. If you are one of the pro players, you know that a maple pool cue is most desirable for its affordability and strength.

Wrap: The pool cue’s wrap plays a role in the overall comfort of play. Since this feature is located on the bottom, where you place your hands, it is important to buy a cue with the most comfortable wrap for your hands. Leather is popular, but the Irish linen wrap is typical of higher quality cues.

Tip: Investing in a billiard pool cue that features a harder tip means that you can make more powerful shots. Just like the material, hard tips mean a more impactful shot gets made. If you are looking for a professional experience when playing pool, then a harder tip is more desirable.

Shaft: When looking through the best pool cues, it is very important to consider the shaft–quite possibly the most important element of the entire pool stick. This is the component that determines your performance. While conducting your search for a pool cue, you are going to see two kinds of shafts. A standard deflection shaft is perfect for beginners since it good control. However, for more professional pool players, a low deflection shaft is best. It provides optimal control and allows flexibility for more extreme shots.

#1 Lucasi Air Hog 2 Jump Pool Cue Stick

Lucasi is one of the best cue brands available for both professional and casual players. The Air Hog 2 Jump Pool Stick does not skip over the quality and performance that Lucasi usually delivers.

Just over 16 ounces, the Lucasi Air Hog 2 offers a low deflection shaft with carbon fiber and a joint collar. Altogether, this is a three-piece stick, so it has the perfect pool cue design for any experienced pool player who likes to travel.

#2 Predator Sport 2 Ice Sport Wrap Pool Cue

Predator is also a member of the top cue makers in the industry. One of the cons of these products, though, is the price range, which usually caps in the mid-5oos. The Predator Sport 2 Ice is no different and surpasses the $500 mark. However, this could range depending on the producer or seller.

Another one of the cons of this four-piece hard rock maple is the weight. It clocks in at 1.65 pounds, which is over 25 ounces. Of course, if you play pool regularly, then the weight may not make much of a difference for you. As you play more and use a cue, then you are going to be able to handle heavier cues.

The stainless steel appearance makes this cue desirable. Plus, it has a great grip for better control. That way, you can make better shots and perform well.

#3 Lucasi Hybrid L-H40 Cue

To hit the cue ball with precision and power, you need various features that work well together. The Lucasi Hybrid L-H40 Cue Stick offers a stable grip and a stainless steel joint collar that lets you get a clear shot. The grip features an absorbing material to reduce shock. Plus, as a one-piece pool cue, the Lucasi Hybrid produces a more powerful strick.

When you use this stick, you can feel confident in your gameplay, as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

#4 McDermott Stinger Jump/Break Cue

The shaft of this stick has a special design that would produce the perfect hit no matter if you hit with the tip or the very center. The McDermott Stinger was made for people who want to get to the next level.

Another one of the pros is that this pool cue is made with a Canadian maple shaft so that you can perform well with the best accuracy.

#5 Lucasi Cue LZSP2

Yet another Lucasi on this list, the Canadian maple cue shaft combines with a walnut stain for high-end style and design. However, it does not miss out on performance. There are not many cons associated with this cue, but it is suggested to add a Tiger Everest tip for optimal use.

#6 Players Technology Series HXT15

To get a little bit better at your game and compete with the pros, the Technology Series HXT15 is a stunning consideration. As a two-piece pool cue, you can enhance your pool and billiards game with high-quality design and North American eye maple.

The hard tip also allows for better control. The best cues come from good materials. This cue goes above and beyond by offering exclusive wrapping and a comfortable grip. Using this two-piece billiard pool cue would also mean easy transport from one pool table to the next.

#7 Joss Break Cue Thor Hammer

Just like its name, the Joss Break Cue Thor Hammer is made from strong materials. The tip, in particular, is made specifically to endure powerful shots.

It is common for 2-piece cues not to have much endurance and strength like a single-piece. However, this pool cue comes with a steel joint and screw to outlast and outperform the seemingly stronger cues.

#8 Predator Break Cue Sport Wrap

The final option on the best pool cue list is another Predator. This two-piece cue possesses materials unlike other cues–a matte forearm, a coat made of linen, and a carbon fiber collar.

Additionally, this cue is unlike other 2-piece cues for its easy-to-lock joint and effortless release. This makes the transition from a two to a single piece much faster and more efficient. Overall, this cue needs to be added to your consideration list, alongside the cues listed above.

The Final Word- The Best Pool Cues for Professionals

When looking to up your game in billiards or pool, a more refined cue can get you to a higher level. They say that players are as good as their cues. While this may not be totally true, cues have a major influence on how you play.

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