The 8 Best Beginner Pool Cues

On a Rush? here are my best 2 pool cues

Billiards and other pool games are some of the most popular contests held in homes, bars, and other gathering areas. Like most other games, the equipment used in cue sports can significantly determine the winner. Therefore, if you are starting out, there are certain things to understand about pool–like purchasing the best pool cues for beginners.

While this review provides the eight best pool cues for beginners, it is important to select one based on your needs and skills. Additionally, good quality cues come in at prices around $100 and $200. Opt for better quality, higher-end cues if you are serious about billiards and cue sports.

Before making a decision, it is critical to consider certain factors as you browse through potential cues. It would help if you considered the following:

Size and Weight- The length and weight of beginner cues vary and depend on your skillset. The average size of cues ranges from 55 inches to 60 inches. Meanwhile, the average cue weight ranges from 18 to 21 ounces. When you have a size and weight that matches your strength, you can have better control and, ultimately, better aim.

Material- Believe it or not, the materials used in a pool cue can affect the kind of shot it produces. The harder material, the harder the shot. Maple wood is the most recommended when looking through pool cues for beginners. Since it is a stronger material, it has plenty of durability and power that doesn’t let you miss out on control.

Wrap- The wrap is where you place your hands while playing, so it is a critical feature to consider. Leather is usually the cheaper version that billiards players tend to flock toward. However, many complain that it promotes sweat while playing. The best option for quality materials is the Irish linen wrap since it has all the features that a beginner would want.

Tip- The tip of a cue also greatly impacts the kind of shot produced. Like the cue’s wood material, the harder the tip, the more impact gets created. The tip is often made of leather, but you can always check the degree of hardness to determine the kind of impact the gets made.

Shaft- The shaft is most likely the most important feature in determining performance. When browsing through the cues, you will most likely see these two terms: standard deflection and low deflection. A standard deflection shaft provides great control but does not have many angles for trick shots. On the other hand, a low deflection shaft is the better option for hitting more extreme shots. Therefore, this is the version that the pros tend to use.

#1 McDermott Lucky L9 Pool Cue

Lucky is usually one of the best quality pool cue brands available for those on a budget. Its prices remain on the lower end while the quality–especially for beginners–rests on the higher end.

The McDermott Lucky L9 Pool Cue is a two-piece cue made from hard rock maple with a leather tip and a wrap made of Irish linen–all the best cue features that a beginner should want. The weight sits at 19 ounces, which is perfect for players who do not know which weight suits them.

#2 Players HXT15

Players’ pool cues are usually on the high-quality end of the market. Though its cues tend to be pricey, if you are serious about playing pool, then the Players HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue is perfect for your game.

This particular pool cue comes in a range of weights. Before buying, identify the optimal weight for enhancing your pool play.

Made of North American maple wood, the overall design of this cue is optimal for beginners. It is easy to handle and has a low-deflection shaft, which is perfect for more extreme shots once you get the hang of the game.

Additionally, this is a 2-piece cue, which a lot of players like to have. Two-piece cues are perfect for travel and transport of the pool cue. Plus, the Players HXT15 has a stainless steel joint that makes attachment easy and elegant.

#3 Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Pool Cue Stick

As one of the best pool cues for beginners, this high-quality, two-piece cue comes with a medium to hard leather tip and no wrap. That way, you can maintain optimal control. The shaft of the Lucasi Custom Birds-Eye is a 29-inch pro taper, meaning it maintains the same diameter. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Thus, if you are a beginner, you can feel comfortable learning the game of pool without the risk of breaking your pool cue.

Lucasi is one of the better brands when buying a new pool cue with quality features. One of the downsides, though, is the price. The price should not be an issue if you are serious about learning to play pool. Not to mention, the price makes sense given the materials.

#4 McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit

Often, beginners want an all-inclusive kit so that they do not have to search high and low for all the necessary materials. This pool cue kit from McDermott is great for beginners since it comes with a two-piece pool cue, two pieces of billiard chalk, a leather tip scuffer, and a three-year warranty. Plus, there is a soft case for easy transport and a stainless steel joint collar for smooth storage.

#5 AB Earth Hardwood Canadian Maple

The AB Earth Hardwood Canadian Maple is made of grade-A hard rock and offers several weights and colors. Plus, it is a cheap option for people who do not want to spend a lot on a new pool cue. This cue with a high-gloss covering has everything you need for a simple 2-piece apparatus with a professional taper.

#6 Viking Valhalla with Irish Linen Wrap

Another budget option for billiards beginners is the Viking Valhalla. It comes with a 13 mm leather tip and good materials like Irish linen and stainless steel. One of this cue’s unique features is the rubber bumper attached to the bottom, which can help ensure that the pool cue lasts and does not damage anything in the surrounding play area.

This cue also comes with a lifetime warranty–perfect for beginners.

#7 Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple

With a warranty that does not expire, this pool cue uses high-quality components to provide a smooth feel and a powerful impact on the cue ball. The Players Classic Birds-Eye is not a one-piece, which people often avoid, so it is perfect for travel and transport. There are three colors to choose from with their own size options. That way, your personal preference is highlighted within this cue.

#8 Predator Sport 2 Ice Sports Wrap Pool Cue (Best Pool Cues for Beginners)

This is not like any of your other local bar cues. The Predator Sport 2 offers streamlined use and precise strikes as the most expensive cue on this list. With a sports ice grip, this cue provides a unique experience for beginners and players who want to play like a pro.

As a final note, the equipment you use determines how you play. If you are a beginner billiards player (or a beginner at any cue game), you need quality equipment to improve over time. This pool cues list can help you find one that fits your skill and comfort level.

Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum

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