Are pool cues allowed on airplanes?

Many people are unaware that pool cues are allowed on airplanes. The Transportation Safety Administration says this about their guidelines regarding pool cues:

  “Cues with a rounded, wooden, or metal tip are permitted in carry-on and checked baggage. Decorative, profiled, flat, or sharp metal tips are not permitted.”

So the type of tip of the pool cue you want to carry doesn’t matter.

You also might be wondering, “What size is allowed?” The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) seems to be very lenient on this point as well:

  “Cues that are shorter than 24 inches and less than seven pounds are permitted in carry-on baggage only.”

So pretty much any pool cue you want is allowed, as long as it fits within the dimensions of a carry-on bag.

It’s important to remember that just because something is not on the prohibited items list doesn’t mean you can bring it with you on every flight. You should check with your airline to see if they have specific rules.

Can pool cues be stored horizontally?

Yes, and they should be. It’s easier to carry a pool cue in a horizontal position. If you can’t get away with having it horizontal because of certain regulations (like if it exceeds the weight or size requirements for your flight), then you can store it vertically.

Can I put my pool cue case in the seat back compartment?

This is something you should definitely check with your airline because it changes from flight to flight. The idea behind this question is, “Can I put my pool cue case in the seat back compartment so the person in front of me can’t recline their seat?” Yes, a pool cue case can be placed in the seat back compartment to prevent the person in front of you from reclining their seat. On most planes, the seat in front of you can be reclined to a limited degree in proportion to the size of the seat in front of that one. Some airlines have more strict rules on this than others.

Can I pack my pool cue case when checking luggage?

This question is basically the same as the previous one, and the answer is usually “no.” The reason why it’s not a good idea to check your pool cue case is that you don’t want to risk having it get crushed.

But if there isn’t enough room in your luggage for all of your stuff, what do you check? You should bring it with you in your carry-on luggage.

Can I pack my pool cue in the overhead compartment?

No, this is not allowed because it could damage other people’s belongings. Stick to checking your pool cue as luggage or using it as a carry-on item.

What happens if I do check my pool cue case?

This is a tricky question because it doesn’t only depend on the airline itself, but also the person checking your pool cue.

If you pack your pool cue case in a bag that’s going to be checked, then the best thing to do is take out all of the pieces and put them in a separate pool cue case. This way they won’t be able to get mixed up with someone else’s stuff and break.

What happens if you check your pool cue and it gets damaged?

If your pool cue is damaged during a flight, then you should contact the airline as soon as possible. Airlines are usually pretty good about paying for damages if they are due to their negligence or an accident of some kind.

What happens if you check your pool cue and it doesn’t get damaged?

If your pool cue doesn’t get damaged during the flight, then there’s no problem. Just put all the pieces back in the case when you arrive at your destination. If you don’t have enough room in your luggage to store everything, then place your pool cue case in your carry-on luggage.

Check for more info on the TSA website:

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