Why Are Pool Tables So Heavy?

why are pool tables so heavy

Why Are Pool Tables So Heavy? Billiards tables are generally large and hefty. You know how heavy tables are if you’ve ever supported or collided with one with your hip.

Bumping into a table and having it stay still is handy, but is it the only reason for the weight? So that they don’t react to being bumped? Because this is an important question, I decided to ask why pool tables are so heavy?

The table’s top material, slate, add weight to the table. A pool table made of slate is quite heavy in and of itself, but a pool table built to withstand its weight for many years is even heavier.

Slate tables are the best, most long-lasting, and smoothest tables to play on, so there’s no cause to believe they’ll go away anytime soon.

What Materials Are Used To Build A Pool Table?

A pool table is made up of many components. Many wood, slate, fabric, nuts, and bolts are used to keep it all together.

The majority of pool tables are built to order. This implies that the customer may select the type of wood, stain, and felt for their table and the color of the stain and felt.

After purchasing a pool table from us, you may expect delivery to your home following the completion of our custom-made creation. Pool tables are too hefty to transport once built, so they must be set up in the client’s chosen area.

How Much Does A Pool Table Weigh?

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Why Are Pool Tables So Heavy?

The weight of a pool table varies from table to table. A standard table is a good choice for your house if you want to keep it light. On the other hand, a professional pool table is nearly twice as heavy as a home one.

The largest pool tables weigh between 450 and 800 pounds, while high-quality pool tables weigh between 1700 and 2200 pounds! That is correct. The weight of a pool table is more than a ton.

The slate of a pool table is its main weight-bearing component. One slate sheet weighs between 400 and 600 pounds on average. Bigger tables are heavier since they contain thicker stone and have more surface area.

High-quality pool tables feature three or four slate sheets instead of the one or two typically found on low-quality ones.

Those who have no prior experience with high-grade pool tables might believe them to be as heavy as a typical table. The fact is that pool tables are not as heavy as you may believe. Because they are constructed of slate, wood, and other hefty materials, they are rather hefty, having an average weight.

Weight Of Different Types Of Pool Tables

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Why Are Pool Tables So Heavy?

There is a significant gap in the weight of pool tables. There are many different billiard table designs to select from, each with its weights. Here are a few of the most popular ones and their respective weights.

1. MDF Pool Table

An MDF pool table weighs around 80 to 100 kg depending on the model and size, making it one of the lightest choices.

A pool table manufactured of MDF may be easily handled by a single person and even more by two.

2. Pub Style Slate Pool Table

A pool table with a coin mechanism weighs roughly 230 kg without one. This table is heavier than most because of its deeper form, weighing approximately 280 kg. The slate bed of this table accounts for about 20% of the total weight (approximately 30 percent).

It isn’t easy to move a table weighing about 200 kg, but several people can assist you.

3. Pool Dining Table

Pool dining tables, which weigh about 210 kg on average, are lighter than standard bar pool tables. The cabinet’s reduced depth accounts for part of the weight reduction. Pool dining tables are generally made with the same slate playing surface as conventional slate bed pool tables.

Despite being lightweight, faux teak tables of this sort should be handled with great care. When dining by the pool, be sure to move or push tables rather than dragging them across the surface. If you need to relocate your table, always lift it instead of dragging it around.

4. American Slate Bed Pool Table

The average weight of a standard 8-foot American Pool Table is around 250 kg. However, this increases as the table’s dimensions expand and more features are included. Because American pool tables have bigger slates, they are heavier than other pool tables.

Because of the weight of this American pool table, it is recommended that it be moved by a group of people rather than just one. A sectional slate American pool table must be handled with care to avoid harm to the table. There are no exceptions.

5. Large Pool Table

The total weight of a pool table may be more than 500 kg, and in severe cases, as much as 800 kg. Because of the greater and thicker slates and any other design choices used in the table’s construction, this heavier weight is usual.

The difficulty and intricacy of a pool table make conventional approaches for moving it ineffective. The deconstruction and reassembling of a huge and hefty table at the new location necessitates great skill on professionals.

What Is The Significance Of A Pool Table’s Weight?

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Why Are Pool Tables So Heavy?

A variety of factors determines the weight of the pool table. From one table to the next, it varies. The quality of the table is also important. If you know the table’s weight as soon as possible during design, you can make a better-informed purchase decision.

If you want to put it on a certain floor and height, you’ll need to calculate the weight of the objects placed there first to ensure that the floor is adequately supported.

The weight of the pool may be determined by first weighing each component and then adding them together. It’s also a good idea to find out what type of pool table you’ll get before asking the salesperson how much that particular table weighs.

The table’s weight is determined by several factors, including the thickness of the slate and the type of wood used. As a result, it’s much easier to let the professionals handle everything for you.

The majority of pool tables weigh a lot. They are tough to shift because they are so hefty. Many individuals attempt to move a pool table independently, but this isn’t always feasible. To be carried, the pool table will have to be disassembled unless it is of low quality.

Because of their size and weight, they’re frequently built for specific places. It can’t be taken somewhere until it’s all put together. Its sellers are compelled to remove everything required to get it from its present location to its ultimate destination because of the weight of the shipment.

The weight of a pool table is determined by the size and quality of the table. The larger a table is, the more weight it carries.

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