Tools Needed To Disassemble A Pool Table

tools needed to disassemble a pool table

Pool tables are large and difficult to move and repair, but the pleasure of the pool outweighs any minor inconvenience. When moving, repairing, or storing your pool table, there are some tools needed to disassemble a pool table.

This article will cover everything you need to know about pool table disassembly and relocation. If you want to disassemble the pool table yourself, you’ll need a staple puller, a drill, and a socket wrench.

Tools Needed To Disassemble A Pool Table

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tools needed to disassemble a pool table

Following three tools are the main tools you need to disassemble a pool table:

  1. Staple Pullers
  2. Drill
  3. Socket Wrench

1. Staple Pullers

An office supply store should have a staple puller to remove a staple from a stack of papers. The pockets and felt staples are removed with a staple puller during disassembly.

The pockets are the first things to be taken off. The felt must be removed before you can remove the rails. Felt may also be pasted over. After the staples have been removed, the felt may be gently peeled away.

2. Drill

The felt will be removed from the tabletop, at which point the slate tabletop will be revealed. The slate is secured to the table body using Philips screws. A Philips bit should be used in a drill to create a hole.

A dab of beeswax or plaster may be used to the screw heads on some tables. If so, a flathead screwdriver can be used to remove the beeswax. It is easy to drill through the plaster.

3. Socket Wrench 

After the staples have been pulled from the pockets, the pool table rails must be removed. Rails are fastened together with bolts. Each rail has three bolts on the underside.

The screws on a pool table’s legs must be unscrewed, not just the bolts that secure the side rails. To remove the rails, unscrew the bolts. If necessary, remove the table legs bolted on with a socket wrench. If you want to remove the table’s legs, use a socket wrench to do so.

Precautions To Consider Before Disassembling A Pool Table

Safety is critical when taking down any piece of furniture, including a pool table. Use eye protection and have a helper on hand to help carry heavy things as you take apart the item.

How To Disassemble A Pool Table

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tools needed to disassemble a pool table

It’s not hard to dissemble a pool table if you know what you’re doing. Follow the instructions below to get it done correctly.

Make A List Of Everything You Need – Tools Needed To Disassemble A Pool Table

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tools needed to disassemble a pool table

The following tools are must be required to disassemble a pool table:

  • Staple Pullers
  • Socket Wrench 
  • Drill

Don’t forget to protect your eyes as well!

Step #1

Remove The Staples That Hold The Pockets

Remove the drop pockets from the flathead screwdriver or needle tip pliers while lying on your back by carefully removing the staples that hold them in place.

Wearing eye coverings is essential in this scenario since the staples may fall quickly if you take them out. Remove all staples and pockets, then place them in a box for later.

Step #2

Remove (And Put In A Bag) The Side-Rail Bolts

The side rails will be removed next. Loosen the fasteners that are keeping it in place using a wrench.

In most circumstances, there are three bolts on each rail. Depending on how your pool table is set up, one or more pieces may be used as a side rail. Remove the side rail or rails from the table carefully using the final bolts.

When you’re ready to restore the pool table, place the side rails in a bag and keep the screws in reach.

Step #2

Remove The Felt

The felt is next to the cloth. To get to the slate bed, you must first remove the felt, which might take a long time if your pool table is set up differently than it was; you won’t realize this until you remove the felt first).

Staple or glue is used to attach the felt to a billiard table’s slate bed. If your felt is outdated and you want to replace it after moving, remove it carefully instead of ripping it.

To remove the glued felt, begin at one corner and pull it away backward. Picking up the pockets may be difficult.

Remove the staples holding the felt in place with a flathead screwdriver if they are attached to them. Remove the felt carefully, then fold it and store it.

Step #4

Remove The Slate

If the slate bed of your pool table is a single piece, it can weigh up to 450 pounds; if the slate bed is composed of several components, each weighs between 150 and 200 pounds on its own. That’s a lot of weight to carry on your own.

Remove the screws and then raise the slate. Remove each screw, securing it in place using a drill bit with a screwdriver end. In most situations, you’ll find only one screw in each corner of the slate, although there may be extra screws down the center.

Some sellers coat these screws in beeswax, making it difficult to find and remove them from the surface. If that’s the case, use a flathead screwdriver to scrape off any beeswax before removing them.

Remove the slate bed from the pool table and set it on a flat surface. When storing screws, keep them in a plastic bag to make locating them later easier.

Step #5

Remove The Legs 

To finish the pool table disassembly, remove the legs. You may need to unfasten a few bolts to release them from the body, but this should not be too difficult. Place any fasteners in a bag and keep them safe if necessary.

Time is of the essence when it comes to pool table assembly. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask for it. If you’re not sure whether or not you can handle it on your own, engage a professional. Look for pool table installers in your area and get a few quotes to ensure you receive a fair price from someone with expertise.

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