Snooker Cue Vs Pool Cue: What’s The Difference?

snooker cue vs pool cue

Snooker cues vs pool cues. Both tend to be made from North American grained ash, which has a light color with dark grain contrast but can also come in other wood options like ebony for those who want more weight than their average home billiard cue would offer or rosewood that produces redder looks as its prominent ones take up less space on the table when compared against each other while still providing excellent performance due to its density so there’s no question why these three varieties have become popular over time given how well they sound out near object balls!

What Is A Cue?

A cue is a piece of equipment used in the sport of snooker. It is a long, thin, metal or plastic stick with a sharp point at one end and a blunt end at the other. Cues are used to score points in snooker. They are also used to make the ball move faster while in the air.

The History Of Snooker Cues Vs Pool Cues

Cue is a material used in the sport of snooker. It is made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. Pool cue is also a material used in the sport of pool. It is made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal, but it is most often made from felt.

The history of cue and pool cue goes back to 18th century England. The first cue was designed by an Englishman named John Stroud in 1792. He designed a cue that was specifically designed to improve the speed and accuracy of shooting in a pool. This particular cue was called the “Stroud Cue.”

Cue has been used in the sport of snooker for centuries and continues to be used today.

snooker cue vs pool cue

Differences Between Snooker Cues Vs Pool Cues

Snooker vs Pool cue important differences.

  • The Position Of The Players Hand

The feel of a pool cue in one’s hand is very different from that of a snooker stick. For starters, the heavier weight towards its grip makes it easier to apply force with accuracy when lining up shots on target; whereas those who prefer lighter weights usually line themselves up better by aligning their sight at point-blank range before shooting ( Points). 

This preference for differently balanced handles also extends into other areas such as durability – where players will often opt out replaceable parts like shafts or joint capsules if they fear too much wear.

  • Stiffness

Pool cues are manufactured to have a much greater degree of flexibility than their snooker counterparts. Snooker, on the other hand, is all about precision and accuracy so pool sticks tend to be made with stiffer materials that allow for more control when throwing balls into pockets or pots darkest Describes Pool Playing as Being ‘All About’.

  • Tip

A snooker tip has a 9.5mm-10mm tip, while the Pool cues usually have a tip of about 12mm,13mm.

  • Weight

The difference between both is the weight. A pool cue is heavier because they’re used for hitting balls that require more force, such as those with thick layers of leather or immediate cores; these types can’t be hit hard enough with lighter weights if you want them to go far! The ideal range falls somewhere around 18-21 oz (depending on preference), so make sure your new purchase fits into this criteria before buying one specifically tailored towards either game type.

  • Make Up Material

When it comes to snooker cues, Ash is the basic Maple wood for Pool. English players prefer a different material; they typically use arched or washed blade tips on their sticks which give them more control over how far away from pocket occupying balls can be while still being able to hit precisely with ease

pool shooting Strategies.

  • Size

Whether you play pool or snooker, one of the most important things is to have a cue that’s suitable for your game. A standard length stick has an overall measurement of 57 inches with both sticks being 58 centimeters long when unextended from their handle position as well at 60+2 points depending on how it’s screwed into place (but not more than 6″).

How To Play Snooker Cues Vs Pool Cues

Cue is a type of physical activity that uses a number of sticks and stones to play a game of pool. Pool, on the other hand, is a sport that can be played with or without a ball. Pool cue is made from different woods, including redwood, hickory, and yew. It’s important to understand that cue and pool Cue are two different types of physical objects.

The difference between cue and pool cue includes the type of wood used in both the cue and the stick. For example, redwood is used for cues, while hickory and yew are used for pool cues. The other important factor to consider when purchasing a cue or pool cue is its size. A cue must be large enough to properly hit the ball, but it should also be easy to grip.


Snooker and pool cues are two of the most common sports cues in the world. But how do they differ? Do you know the difference between a snooker cue vs pool cue? Snooker cues are usually shorter than pool cues, and they have a differently shaped end. A snooker cue is used for shots in the same way as a pool cue- to help improve your game. However, whereas a pool cue can be used for any type of shot, a snooker cue is specifically designed to be played with balls in the shape of a number. This makes it perfect for professional snooker players.

Now that you know what a cue and pool cue is, it’s time to get started playing! In this article, we’ll cover the history of cue and pool cues, as well as how to play them.

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