How To Hold A Pool Stick

how to hold a pool stick

How to hold a pool stick? When holding a pool stick, the position of your hands and arms is very important. A poor hand bridge or stroke can easily ruin players shot-making skills because it will cause them to miss shots with greater frequency than if they had better movement in this area

The correct technique for handling cue balls along with accurate shooting are vital parts of an efficient game!

What Is A Pool Stick?

pool sticks are a type of stick that is used to swim in a pool. They come in different shapes and sizes, but the most popular type is the pool stick with a handle.

Steps On Holding How To Hold A Pool Stick Properly

The first step to holding a pool stick properly is understanding the two different parts of your GRIP and HAND BRIDGE. Next, we cover how you should impart power from one shot into another with some tips for improving accuracy along the way! At this point in time there’s no room left over so let me just say BONUS topic: stroke.

  • Grip

To get a grip on things, place your right hand onto the heavy bottom part of pool cues – this is where all gravity occurs. The heavier weight will make it easier for you to control and guide through shots with less effort from other parts such as wrist or blade area; however, some people prefer different positions so try out several until finding what works best!

The Wrong Way To Grip:

We’re all guilty of using the wrong grip at some point. It can be hard to remember not only which hand has control, but also how much pressure should be applied and when! The death grip is one example that may seem like a good idea until you realize its consequences- it’ll cause your shot accuracy to decrease significantly because there’s no room for error with this technique in mind; if anything goes astray during execution then chances are excellent nothing useful was accomplished by employing such an inefficient method as well ( Pool Shot ).

  “Tightening up” on our cues does minimal damage while providing

  • Bridge

When learning how to do the hand bridge, there are two main variations that you will come across. The open variation requires both hands from above and below while in this case, one leg must rest on either side of their body allowing for balance; if performed correctly it should look like an upside-down “V.” 

The closed version only allows movement when pushing off with your feet so all four limbs have direct contact against gravity – sometimes people find themselves falling flat after trying too hard at first!

Things You Need To Know Before Using A Pool Stick

There are a few things you need to know before using a pool stick:

  • The size of your pool stick should be according to the size of the pool you are using it in. If you’re using it for regular swimming, choose a smaller stick. If you’re using it for diving, use a larger stick.
  • The shape of your pool stick should be according to how you will be using it. A pointed stick can be used for basic swimming, while a curving stick can be used for more complicated techniques.
  • If you’re not sure how to swim with a pool stick, practice first before using it in the water. When you’ve got the hang of it, try using it for basic swimming and diving techniques.

The Position Of Your Hands

The right hand should go on the pool butt (bottom half) where you grip it and place your index finger alongside or underneath, near enough for comfort. 

The left palm rests naturally over the top of this position; making sure not to break anything by accidentally poking out from under any part along its length while shooting – which can happen easily if one isn’t careful!

So you’re a Righty? That’s great! Here is what your hand should do when shooting pool. The position of hands-on on each side are as follows: 

Right-Hand goes onto the bottom half (the butt) where we grip it with our palm facing down and fingers pointing towards ourselves; Left-Hand gets set up like normal but instead puts their right around the back near table edge so they can create thatbridgefor0urpoolsticks

How To Use A Pool Stick Correctly

  1. Have a good grip on the stick. This will help you keep the stick in place and make it easier to control.
  2. Use your fingers and palm to control the stick. Use your fingers to guide the stick into the water.
  3. Don’t let your hand touch the water. This will cause the stick to move faster and make it harder to control.
  4. Keep your hands close together while holding the stick. This will create a stable grip and keep the stick from moving around too much.

What To Do When You Fall Victim To A Pool Stick injury

If you accidentally fall victim to a pool stick injury, the first thing you should do is get up as quickly as possible. This will help you avoid any further damage to your body. If you can, try to stay still and wait for someone else to help you. If that’s not possible or if you feel too risky, you can call for an ambulance.


Pool sticks are a must-have for any pool owner. Here are three easy tips to keep you safe and efficient while holding your pool stick.

If you’re like most people, you probably think of pool sticks as just a backyard Pastime. But if you’re a professional Pool Player, then you know just how important a pool stick can be in your game. In this article, we’ll teach you all about how to hold a pool stick correctly, how to avoid slipping, and how to keep your grip strong.

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