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There’s only so much a master can do without the right set of tools. That statement rings true for a lot of life, but particularly for pool.

You’re only going to get so far using the pool cues down at the snooker hall, so eventually, you’re going to have to get your own.

Navigating the marker of pool sticks unprepared can be a nightmare, though. There are so many different brands and models of cue stick out there, some of which are even worse than the ones you use now.

We want to make sure you’re making informed decisions, so we’ve put together a list of the eight best billiard pool cue brands in the world.


OB is a manufacturer that’s based out of Texas and has only been making billiard pool cues since 2005. Despite that, the performance that the company’s cue gives off is great. So much so that it can compete with competitors that have years on them.

OB cues are no surprises to major tournament wins and accolades. This is thanks in no small part to the level of detail put into every inch of the cue from fore to aft.

These cues tend to have a beautiful design, great weight, and overall high quality and performance.


Lucasi cues are manufactured from the best materials that money can buy and made through a process that reflects that quality.

Once the cue maker selects the wood for your pool cue, it is seasoned and treated for two years. Needless to say, this guarantees a level of quality that can only be offered by the best cue brands.

Lucasi has its own patent on wood stabilizer technology. This stabilizer means that the cue isn’t going to warp on you after years of play. If you’re a player that finds themselves in the billiard hall every other day, this is invaluable.

These cues are only made from the best materials. From shaft to tip, nothing is done half-way. It’s made from high-quality Irish linen wraps and superfine leather.

These cues come with a level of quality that’s in a league of its own. Lucasi has produced some high-end cues used by winning players around the world. It comes close to being the perfect cue needed to play perfect pool.


Pechauer has been making some of the best pool cue models for over 57 years. With a number like that, you know that you’re going to be getting a certain level of quality.

Pechauer has an extensive range of cues, making sure that it has something regardless of what players are looking to play. This includes cue maple wood stick options, stainless steel joint construction, Irish linen wrap, and more professional pool cue materials.

If you’re trying to take your pool game to the next level, then you’re not going to find many cue makers better at making a stick than Pechauer.


Joss has been in business since 1968. Once again, you know that the pool cue creation process has been mastered over many years.

Joss cues are primarily targeted to a more discerning clientele. The cues are handcrafted, meaning every single one is made custom and is unique.

Joss cues rank among the 10 best pool cues in the world. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. The master craftsmen at the company have handcrafted pool cues for a number of different celebrities over the years including Tom Hanks, Jimmy Connors, Paul Newman, and every single member of the Mission Impossible cast, which means even those not at the pool table use Joss cues.

The founder of Joss, Dan Jane, is so well renowned for his work that he was inducted into the American Cue Makers Association Hall of Fame.

Every little detail on these cues is scrutinized to no end. Joss is a quality cue brand that is going to make you the best player that you can be.


You’re probably wondering how anyone could beat what Joss cue models have on offer. Well, we have four different brands that all do just that.

At the bottom of the pile, we have Schon. Schon cues have an interesting history. The founder of the brand, Terry Romine, was a renowned money player back in the day. However, he could never find a pool cue that he liked.

As a pool player, this annoyed him to no end. It annoyed him so much that he decided to go and make his own cue.

His first cue was made around the back of a pool bar in his home town, and the rest is cue history.

Schon has remained a small, family-owned business instead of expanding into a corporate mega-power. There’s a lot to be said about this decision when it comes to the power of the cues.

The thing with Schon is that everything is traditional. If you buy one pool cue from the brand, it’s going to be handcrafted on one of five tables that the family has in their workshop. There are no modern methods or machinery; everything is done how it was when the company was first founded.

Players around the world have made their fortune using Schon thanks to the quality weight, stainless steel joint, and overall excellent performance offered up by these genuine pieces of art.


Meucci cues were also founded in the 1960s. When these cues first hit the market, the impact that was made was unlike anything that the game had ever seen.

Meucci cues were so well made that for the next 20 years, 70% of all tournament winnings would be colleteced with cues from this manufacturer.

Meucci has pool cue designs for players at any level of their game. Whether you’re already great, want something to take you to that next level, or would just like a first pool cue to start off with, you’re not going to be much better than this.


McDermott is a powerhouse in the world of cue design. The company has a dozen other brands tucked under its belt, and that’s reflected when you look at the quality of McDermott’s RnD department.

Despite being a massive company, McDermott cues still all come with a guarantee of quality, not on offer by other brands.

The enormous portfolio offered by the company also means that whatever you want, it has. You can get cues of all different weight levels, with different wrap, with a unique maple shaft, low deflection, black and white designs, specialized tip, specialized grip, made from Canadian maple, North American hard rock maple, a two-piece pool cue, or a one piece.

This is one of the best pool cue brands for a reason. Whatever you would like to use, McDermott has a cue for you.


At the creme de la creme, we have Predator. This brand has only been in business for about 26 years now, but that truly means nothing when you look at how good these pool cues are.

Every aspect of these cues from tip to shaft to grip is given an exceptional level of care, which is impressive, given how much one of these cues can cost you.

Good billiard players have been using Predator to play pool for years now, including some of the best players in the world.

If you’re looking at playing pool at a higher level, then you’re going to want to consider a predator. Pool players have been using these two-piece cues for a reason.

Predator certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on the top 10 markets, though. Some of the best cues in the world have been made by other brands. The Lucasi hybrid, for example, is a staple on many a buying guide.

If you’re looking for a good brand to start with, though, Predator is your number one choice. It has a range of different price points to suit everyone that plays.

You can get any grip you fancy, whatever tip you prefer, as well as getting yourself an eye maple staff. That’s our wood of choice, but you have plenty of options when it comes to pool stick choices.

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