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A mini billiards table is a fun pastime for kids, and adults, and is a great novelty office accessory. It’s an amazing way to relax and unwind, play with the family, or bond with work colleagues. A mini billiards table won’t take up much space, is completely portable, and folds up for easy storage!

Mini billiards tables are great birthday presents or Christmas gifts for kids. They look every bit as stylish as full-sized pool tables and come with every accessory, including cues, chalk, pool balls, and frames. 

All our Top 5 Mini Billiard Tables are robust, easy to clean, and completely functional. The tables might look like toys, but they’re professionally designed. You’re guaranteed a real game of pool and a chance to show off your skill with the cue! 

Prices range from $20 for desktop toys, up to $400 for luxury mini pool tables with folding legs.

If you’re raising up a new generation of pool hustlers, hanging out with friends, or enjoying a coffee break – you’ll find the perfect choice for your budget.

The 5 Best Mini Pool Tables

Mini Billiards or Mini Pool?

Pool, Billiards, and Snooker are actually three different games. They are played with different balls and different rules. When you buy mini billiard tables online, you’ll often see the same products described as mini pool tables. The terms are interchangeable and all the sets we’re featuring here are for playing miniature pool. 

YADSHENG Real Life Mini Pool Table

Yadsheng’s mini pool table delivers excellent realism and a quality playing experience. It has a compact design but offers all the features of a standard pool table. The simple self-assembly table stands on four legs and is a great starter table for children over 5. 

The Yadsheng table measures 75 x 41.5 x 62.5cm and weighs a total of 8,000 grams. This gives it a good level of stability and robustness while ensuring that it is still easily portable. The table is finished with a luxurious green felt fabric and black pockets and trimmings. 

Every table comes with two wooden cues, a set of sixteen pool balls, chalk, a frame, and a soft brush for cleaning the felt. You’ll be good to go as soon as you attach the table legs. Alternatively, the Yadsheng mini-pool table can be placed on any flat surface like another table. 


  • The table is compact and fairly sturdy 
  • It is good enough for a real game of pool
  • Kids will learn fast on this table


  • At $364 Yadsheng Mini Pool Table isn’t cheap
  • There is a basic assembly requirement

The Player’s Verdict

The Yadsheng table has an authentic feel, is well designed, and nicely finished. The table is flat enough to allow the balls to run true and the cushions and pockets are also crafted to a high standard. It’s a good starter table for kids and is also a lot of fun for adults.

Ourun Realistic Design Mini Pool Table

The Ourun Mini Pool Table is a well-designed pool table that is basically a kid-sized version of the real thing. It stands on four wooden legs and features a green felt finish with cushions, net pockets and two reinforcement plates. The table is suitable for children over the age of 5.

The Ourun table is great if you’re short of space. At just 27 x 14.5 x 24 inches, it will fit pretty much anywhere. The product requires some self-assembly and comes with bolts and a key to attach the legs. The Ourun mini pool table is practical and functional but looks like a stylish pro table.

The table comes as a complete set and arrives with two wooden cues, a black frame, and bridge,16 pool balls, chalk, and a fabric brush for cleaning the table. The table isn’t marked for gaming, but there’s no loss of realism. You can rack the balls at either end of the table and play any style. 


  • At just $110 it’s great value for money
  • The small size is ideal if you’re short on space
  • The table delivers an authentic pool experience


  • Cushions and pockets finish isn’t optimal
  • There is a basic assembly requirement

The Player’s Verdict

The Ourun Mini Pool Table is the best compromise we’ve seen between price and quality. If you want an affordable mini pool table that provides a good quality game, Ouron is a winner. It’s great for teaching kids the basics of pool, and you’ll spend plenty of time on it yourself!

Rally and Roar Table Top Pool Set 

The Rally and Roar Table Top Pool Set is an impressive mini pool table at a price that won’t break the bank. It is supported on four 9” legs and is designed to rest securely on another table or raised surface. 
The quality of the Rally and Roar pool table is impressive and we loved the gray cloth and rubberized cushions and pockets. At 40 x 20 x 9 inches the table is easily big enough for a real game of pool. 
The Rally and Roar mini pool set beat most of its competitors by offering larger balls and heavier cues. These make a big difference to the quality of play. Each set also comes with a frame, chalk, and a cleaning brush. 


  • Excellent value for money at just $53
  • 200 gram cues and 1.47” balls
  • Better than average gaming experience


  • Requires minor assembly
  • Has to be placed on another table

The Player’s Verdict

If you have a suitable table or surface to place the Rally and Roar Table Top Pool Set on, it’s a great purchase. The quality is better than average and the table is big enough to give you a real game of pool. This is a robust, well-crafted table that is ideal for teaching children the basics of the game. 

Srenta Mini Tabletop Pool Game

The Srenta Mini Tabletop Pool Game is a beautiful miniature reproduction of a real barroom pool table. At just 14.21 x 9.57 x 3.19 inches, it’s small enough to be an ornament. In fact, you can play pool on it for real. The set comes with two cues, balls, and chalk – all in proportion to the table. 

The table is not only fully functional, it looks amazing. The green felt cloth is immaculate and the pocket and rim come in a shiny black finish. The Serenta Mini Tabletop Pool Game is a great gift for anyone who loves to play pool. It will also make a striking and unusual office ornament that will attract plenty of attention from coworkers.

The table is well designed, small enough to fit into a backpack, and very robust. It’s also a good toy for children over the age of five. The Serenta definitely isn’t the kind of mini pool table that allows an active standing game – but it’s a lot of fun for plinking. 


  • Looks amazing and is well made
  • It’s ideal as an original gift
  • At $28.00 you can’t go wrong


  • It’s more of a novelty item than a gaming table
  • The balls are large in proportion to the table

The Player’s Verdict

The Serenta isn’t recommended for anybody who really wants to play pool. If you want a fun toy or desk ornament – it’s ideal. The quality is impressive and you can certainly shoot the balls around the table. The Serenta is OK as a kids toy, but definitely isn’t the table for teaching them the actual techniques of the game.

Barwench Executive Mini Desktop Pool Game

The Barwench Executive Mini Desktop Pool Game is more like dolls house furniture than a real pool table. The whole set measures just 8.5” x 5” and comes with beautifully proportioned cues, a bridge, balls, frame, and chalk. You won’t get a competition standard game of pool with the Barwench, but it’s a fun office stress buster. 

The overall quality of the Barwench Executive makes it a beautiful gift for any serious pool player. It comes in a leather book-style presentation set and is perfect in pretty much every detail. The dramatic change in scale makes potting the balls a challenge. You’ll be surprised how much time you spend playing with this mini-table. 

The Barwench Executive is more of a toy for adult pool fans than for kids. There are several small parts that make it unsuitable for small children. It will look great on any office desk, or in your den. 


  • Fun and original novelty item
  • A great gift for any pool player
  • Sells for just $13.95


  • Not suitable for small children
  • You’ll waste hours trying to pot the balls!

The Player’s Verdict

The Barwench Executive is a fun toy and a stress buster for adult pool players and older kids. It isn’t a serious pool mini-table and doesn’t pretend to be. It is well designed and you’ll have a lot of fun trying to downsize your game to a tiny 8-inch board. If you love pool – and desktop ornaments – buy it now!

Pool is an amazing game and every pool lover should have some kind of table at home. If you liked our mini billiard table reviews, check out our Top 5 Table Tennis Sets and Top 10 Indoor Games!

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